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10 interesting facts about the vagina

It turns out that the female vagina, no matter how ambiguous it may sound, hides many secrets such as Here are some facts that not everyone knows.

Fact 1: An orgasm can relieve pain

Sometimes a woman refuses to have sex with her partner because she feels sick or has a headache. And, by the way, she does it completely in vain. It is scientifically proven that orgasm is able to reduce painful sensations, and the power of its therapeutic effect is greater than that of some medications.

Fact 2: The vagina can clean itself

Some ladies are very fond of doing sprinkling, believing that this is how they cleanse the vagina of harmful bacteria. In fact, this procedure should only be done as prescribed by a doctor, otherwise you can kill all the natural flora that protects the body from infections. If no such appointments have been made, you should leave your vagina alone and let it clean itself. Self-cleansing usually occurs during menstruation, when the body gets rid of unwanted bacteria together with the blood. 

Fact 3: The G-spot is not a dream

Many men dream of learning how to find the magic G-spot to give their partner an unforgettable orgasm. This point does exist, and it can even be felt with a finger. But few people know that there is also a point-A, which can give women even more pleasure. This point is not yet well studied. It is located on the right side in the cervix, much deeper than the point-G. When “searching” it is better to use lubricant, so that the woman did not have unpleasant feelings. And, of course, she should be in a state of arousal. This will make the process more enjoyable. 

Fact 4: The smell depends on nutrition

Each person has an individual odor. And it may differ depending on the part of the body. A woman’s vagina is no exception. But its smell can change under the influence of various factors, including: 

  • infections and diseases – if the lady does not have any diseases, the smell will not be strong and pungent, but soft and even, one might say, pleasant,
  • nutrition – if a woman likes and often eats sweets, then the smell of the vagina will be sweet. But, for example, cabbage can make it more bitter.

Fact 5: The vagina can droop or fall out.

This is very dangerous for a woman, so at the first signs you need to go to a medical facility immediately. 

Fact 6: The vagina is capable of ejaculating

Yes, it really is. Female ejaculation is called squirt and, just like male ejaculation, occurs with a discharge of fluid. Some people confuse this fluid with urine, but scientists have proven that the composition of urine and female ejaculate is absolutely not the same. 

Fact 7: The Vagina Magnifies with Arousal

The average length of a woman’s vagina varies from 9 to 11 cm, although the physiology of each woman is individual. But when aroused, it can increase twice. And it concerns both length and width. 

Fact 8: Sex is beneficial for the vagina

Any muscle needs a workout. If there is no exercise, the muscles become weak and flabby. This applies to the vaginal muscles as well. A natural workout for them is sex. If it is absent for a long time, then the vaginal muscles weaken, which negatively affects the health of the genital system as a whole.

Fact 9. The vagina has its own secret 

We are not talking about some secret, but a secret that is secreted in the vagina. Scientists call it “squalene.” It is transparent and watery. The main function of this secretion is to moisten the walls of the vagina. That is, it is a natural lubricant, which in the process of sex contributes to gliding. The same secretion has been found in shark’s liver. It can be used to make moisturizing cosmetics. 

Fact 10. Vaginal muscles can also be pumped up

Kegel exercises are used for this purpose. They can be performed at any time quite unnoticed by others. Well developed vaginal muscles allow you to firmly squeeze the penis of a man during sex, thereby increasing pleasure.