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Do we need sex toys at all?

If we ask this question to ordinary people on the street, we are unlikely to hear a clear and detailed answer. Most likely, most will simply pass by, bashfully hiding their eyes. Some may resent the tactlessness of the question and And only a few will be able to stop and talk about it with a stranger. And almost no one will share their personal experience.

And this will be the reaction to almost any question related to sexual relations. Russian people are used to keeping silent about problems in this area, considering them something shameful and indecent. And that is too bad, because without talking about problems, it is impossible to solve them.

Let’s go back to sex toys. They are quite important and are used to bring novelty to sexual relationships. Very often people who have been married for several years lose their keenness of feeling in sex. Sexual life becomes boring, monotonous and routine. All the time is taken up with work and household chores, romance disappears from relationships, only everyday life remains.

Young people today are more advanced in this respect. And the hormonal background of young people is such that it allows them to get excited just from the anticipation of intimacy with a partner. With older people, everything is more complicated. Their life is so full of various problems and concerns that for full relaxation and enjoyment many factors should coincide:

both partners must be in the right mood;
the children should be put to bed, or better yet, sent to their grandmother’s or to a children’s camp;
you need to eliminate all thoughts of domestic problems and how to pay the mortgage;
you need to forget about all the troubles at work and at home, etc., etc.

You know that the right attitude doesn’t happen very often anymore. Many couples generally reduce sex life to zero, thinking that it is quite possible to live without it. Of course you can. But not as long and not so happy.

Researchers have proven that the longevity of men depends on their sexual activity. Long abstinence can lead to the following negative consequences:

deterioration of the psychological state – this is understandable, because in reproduction lies the basic meaning of existence of any living being;
deterioration of the cardiovascular system;
early aging of the organism in general.

Lack of sex also has a bad effect on women’s health:

constant dissatisfaction makes a woman irritable and angry;
abstinence leads to stagnation in the sexual system, which can cause tumors and loss of fertility;
a woman who doesn’t feel loved and desired can become depressed, stop watching and taking care of herself, get fat, etc.

And in a global sense, the whole country suffers from the lack of sex, because the population continues to decrease annually.

Sex toys can bring new relationships into the sexual life, and some couples even say that they went back to the beginning of the relationship and felt young again. Researchers point out the following benefits from their use:

harmony in the sexual relationship returns;
energy balance is restored;
the sensations of intimacy become more vivid and diverse.

Not everyone can easily decide to use sex toys. Many people are hindered by complexes, clamps, shyness, etc. But you must first remember that in an intimate relationship there is only you and your partner. If you both feel good, you need to discard all prejudices and have fun in the ways that you like. It is worth seeing sex toys not as something perverted and unnatural, but as a tool that helps you get pleasure and make sex more vivid.