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How to make love in the office: 7 rules

You can use your lunch break at work to grab a bite to eat, take a walk, and run some errands. Or you can spend those sixty minutes to the fullest and…have sex or read!

According to one survey, 19% of men and 8% of women say they have had sex in the workplace. 85% of people say they have fantasized about having sex with a coworker, and 90% are glad they did. You’re probably thinking, “What if my boss finds out? What if I don’t make it back in time? Do I have to drive home for this to happen? How can I get away with having sex in a public place? Here’s the story!

Check for surveillance cameras

Make sure you know the location of all the surveillance cameras in the office so your little affair doesn’t get caught on tape. Surveillance equipment is usually placed near entrances and exits, as well as in areas where goods or other valuables are stored. Placing cameras in restrooms is against the law, so it’s usually a safe place.

Dress for sex

Dress in clothes that are quick to put on, take off, and don’t wrinkle. This will save you a lot of time.

Look for a secluded place

Choose a place away from prying eyes where there aren’t many people around. If you work near each other, just find a restroom in one of the offices. Have one of you go in first, and then figure out a code knock for the other to enter. Too afraid to do it in the office? Get a hotel room between your workplaces and meet there. You can always come back after work to get your share of the fun.

Get yourself cleaned up

Don’t go back to your desk without freshening up. Be sure to check your clothes for “clues,” such as blouses turned inside out and buttons unbuttoned. If you’re planning to have sex in a public place, it’s best to have a few toiletries on hand to clean yourself up. Deodorant, mouthwash, comb, and hair product are a few essential items. Be sure to look in the mirror to prevent stains or hickeys before you go back to work.

Keep your mouth shut

If you get caught, just apologize and get back to work. Trying to explain or make excuses can only make things worse.

Be prepared

Be prepared with birth control, condoms and lube depending on your needs. There are simple and discreet ways to store all of these things.

Keep an eye on the time

Nothing ruins the mood like a call from your boss asking why you haven’t gotten back to your desk yet, so take care to time your date correctly. Set a timer on your phone.